Olympics Postponed

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Tokyo Olympics was postponed yesterday to the year 2021, due CoronaVirus pandemic. The writing was inevitably on the wall for the International Olympic Committee, after Canada and Australia withdrew due the spread of the virus. Most countries are presently in lockdown modes, and the training schedules of their players are hampered. No sports or training are happening anywhere in the world now. Nearly all Olympic participants are in their home now. The virus has affected over 400,000 people and killed 20,000 already. It has affected close to 200 countries, and most of them are Olympic participants.

India had already qualified more than 80 players for the Olympics. Their players were already in their training schedules and preparing for the event. India were seriously hoping to break the barrier of a double digit medal count in this edition of the Games. Most players plan their training to peak at the time for the Games. Now with the Games being moved into the next year, new plans will need to be initiated for all. This applies to all players across the globe.

For some players such delay comes as a big help, but for some these delays can be disastrous. Indian gymnast Dipa Karmakar who could not recover from her injury may feel happy now. She has got one more year to get fit, and can even try to qualify for the Games. For her this delay will bring the biggest oppurtunity of her life. On the other hand it could be curtains for Leander Paes’ Olympic record dream. Leander at 46, was attempting his 8th Olympic appearance. Having already announced that 2020 will be his last year on the Tour, his plans will be totally upset due this delay. Either he has to delay his retirement or compromise his Olympic dream.

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