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A new format of cricket debuted today, 3TC. Three teams are playing in the same match at the same time in this format. Each team consists of 08 players, and they get to play each against both sides. So all 3 sides will bat for 6 overs and bowl for 6 overs also. Each team will bat twice and each team will also bowl twice, once in each session. Each session is of 18 overs, and the total match length is 36 overs.

The sequence for each team is bat, bowl and dugout. Draw of lots is carried out to find who gets to bat first. If team A and B plays respectively in the first 6 overs, then B goes next to the dugout and A gets to bowl from overs 7 to 12 to team C. After completion of the 12th over, Team A goes to the dugout, and Team C gets to bowl from overs 13 to 18 at Team B. At the end of the first session, the order of batting of the second session is decided.

In the second session, the team with the highest score in the first session gets to bat first, and the team with the lowest score in the first session gets to bat last. The bowling order of the second session is decided by the batting order. If Team C has the highest runs in the first session, then the bowling team will be Team B, as Team C has already faced Team A in the first session. At the end of the second session, the teams are ranked according to their runs scored. If two teams are tied, then there is a Super Over to decide the winner. If all 3 teams are tied then all are declared joint winners.

Proteas Innovation

This new format in the world of cricket is an innovation by South Africa. Greame Smith and Mark Boucher have made the format, and was introduced in the South African domestic cricket team. The team led by AB Devilliers won the first 3TC match today. The three teams were named Eagles, Kingfisher and Kites. AB led the Eagles team to victory today.

In the second half the batting team has the option of the last batsman continuing to bat at the fall of the 7th wicket also. This option is not available in the first half. If any team gets all out in the first half, then the innings is terminated. Since each team has to bowl at least 12 overs, so each bowler can bowl a maximum of 3 overs. Hence every team needs to ensure the balance of their team accordingly. Only 08 members are allowed per team.

Since the format has a total of 36 overs, so it is smaller than a T20 which has 40 overs. But T20 involves only two teams, where 3TC has three. Every 06 overs the teams keep changing. T10 cricket leagues have been organised in UAE in which ex cricketers from all over the world have participated. England had made efforts to introduce 100 ball cricket matches in their domestic circuit, but could not succeed as COVID affected their domestic season.

Test Cricket still remains the most pure and the toughest form of cricket. All efforts of commercialization of the sports has led such innovations across the world. Unfortunately there are no ground spectators now due COVID restrictions, its all an attempt to lure live streaming audience.

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