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It cannot get worse than this for any individual. Sushant Singh Rajput who played the onscreen character of MS Dhoni, in the film Dhoni- The Untold Story, hanged himself to death on Sunday. MS Dhoni is left devastated, shattered and speechless. For MS Dhoni, it is like trying to come to terms with own death. Sushant potrayed the character of Dhoni so outstandingly in his biopic, that the legacy of MS Dhoni as an Indian sportsperson reached its nadir.

For the making of the film Sushant and Dhoni interacted for close to two years on a daily basis. Both having their roots in undivided Bihar, made them gel well from the beginning. The life cycle of both Sushant and Dhoni had a similar gradient from a very ordinary beginning to the pinnacle of their professions. Sushant felt privileged to be doing the role of the most successful Indian Captain. Dhoni also treated Sushant as his own brother, in their interactions which ran for over two years. Sushant was a regular at the Dhoni household and was like family to Dhoni.

Sushant’s dedication to perfection in the biopic was hugely applauded by the audience. Never ever in the film did it appear that someone else was playing on the cricket field other than Dhoni. He mastered Dhoni’s trademark Helicopter shot also, after practicing it for long hours. His dedication and respect towards MS Dhoni, was evident in his conduct with Dhoni and his family.

For MS Dhoni and his family, Sushant was like part of their core family for two years. He was living with them, moving around with them. He wanted to watch all of Dhoni’s reactions to situation to ensure perfection in his role.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death

Sushant Singh Rajput was too sweet an individual, and can be loved by all generations. He was the only brother to his four elder sisters, and born in Purnea in Bihar. Sushant lost his mother at a very early age of 16, but he lived through the pain to get an All India Rank in Engineering Entrance Exams. He left his engineering course midway to make a career in dancing and films. Sushant started with television, and reached the top in his potrayal of the character of Manav in the serial Pavitra Rishta. He fell in love with lead girl in that serial Ankita Lokhande, and their relationship lasted for six years.

Sushant broke into films with a steller performance in Kai Po Che. He got his biggest break when he was chosen to play the role of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, in his biopic Dhoni- The Untold Story. Sushant played the role to perfection, and people started identifying Dhoni with him. His career graph should have leaped from there on an exponential positive note. The strong arm lobbyists of the film fraternity ensured that the leap never happened. He got locked in contracts, his love life got broken, and he started getting into a shell of his own.

The charming extrovert young lovable boy, slowing started distancing himself from his loved ones. With it came sporadic issues, which were immaculately planned and executed by the strong arm lobbyists. It all culminated into Sushant going into severe depression. The national lockdown for COVID ensured that there was no work for over three months, and he was holed up in his flat in Bandra. A week back his manager fell down from her apartment and died. The final culmination was his suicide on Sunday ending his life at young age of 34.

Dhoni shocked

The film Dhoni- An Untold Story, bought out one personal chapter of Dhoni’s life, which was not known to his fans. Dhoni’s first love had lost her life in a road accident. The entire country came to know about Priyanka Jha due to the film. It was Sushant’s potrayal of his character and his expression of love towards onscreen Priyanka played by Disha Patani had the nation in tears, when Priyanka died in the accident. That incident when it happened actually in Dhoni’s life had shattered him also.

The person who bought back Dhoni’s sweet memories with Priyanka Jha, had hanged himself to death now. The person who played the character of Mahendra Singh Dhoni has left the world now, leaving the real Mahendra Singh Dhoni back. For him there is no differance between screen Dhoni and actual Dhoni. For him, it is like seeing himself dead in front of his own eyes. It cannot get worse than this for any individual.

MS Dhoni has faced many tough situations on the cricket field. He has had his big share of success also and he hold the world record of captaining his country most number of times than any other individual. Two World Cup victories, and many more feathers in his cap. In the cricket field he had been through the worst also like the 2007 World Cup, and nine Test losses in England and Australia.

But this is the mother of all losses for him. Sushant’s demise has left him morose, shocked, shattered and speechless. Being a very introvert person he has chosen silence to absorb his grief and pain. Sushant Singh Rajput will always be remembered as Mahendra Singh Dhoni on screen. This is part of History and cannot be changed.

Dhoni- A man of Emotions

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has earned the nickname of Captain Cool, for his ability to keep a cool head in trying times. That does not mean that he does not get emotional. Dhoni has control over his display in public of his actual emotions, and it is his quality that he can control it. But he does get emotional himself also. His preferred way of express of emotions is silence. He prefers to be silent than to be public in his display of his emotions.

Dhoni lost his first love in an accident he cried out loud in his own solitude. People ransacked his house after the 2007 50 over World Cup in West Indies, he did not break his silence. He replied by leading India to World T20 victory in the same year. After winning the 2011 World Cup, he preferred to dedicate the triumph to the career of Sachin Tendulkar than taking the credit for the same. The whole world knows now that how Dhoni had planned for the World Cup from 2008 itself. When there was match fixing allegations on his team, he chose silence on any questions on the subject at all press conferences.

While giving a speech during CSK’s return to IPL, Dhoni became emotional, and he led his team to the trophy. When he was walking back to the dressing room after getting run out in the World Cup semifinal he was crying, as he knew the World Cup was lost for India, with the fall of his wicket. Dhoni has still not played cricket after that.

If ever Dhoni pads up again to play he will see Sushant padding up to play Dhoni’s role in the film. Life will not be same anymore for MS Dhoni without Sushant Rajput. Maybe one call to MahiBhai could have changed history.

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