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Janai Rajbari

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Just 40 kilometers out of the city of Kolkata, is a town called Janai, which houses Janai Rajbari. The town of Janai can be reached from Kolkata by road, or by local train on the Bardhaman Chord Line. The uniqueness of this structure is that the thakur dalan (the place where the Goddess deity is kept during pujas) has seven arches or seven khilans.

Kaliprasad Mukhopadhyay, a zamindar of the 19th century had built this house, and the twin Shiv Mandirs in the year 1827. He built the 07 khilans, as they were 07 brothers . Once the house was built, 05 of his 07 brothers left him, and built another house in the nearby. The present Rajbari is also famous as Janai Kalibabur Bari.

The family of Kaliprasad Mukhopadhyay, still organises Durga Puja every year at the Thakur Dalan. There are other festivities also around the year which are celebrated there by the family.

The highlight of the house is the big Dewan Durbar, which is a long room running across the breadth of the house. It houses old architecture of the 19th century, and the original grill rails, which were installed in 1827 still remain.

The resident deity of the Rajbari and the family is Shridhar Jeu. The Narayan Puja is performed on daily basis, and the family shares the daily puja duties as per roster.

The main annual event is the Durga Puja. It is a five day festival, in which the diety is built there itself. The family members associate with all the activities of the Puja over the five days, and relatives and guests are also invited.

The puja ends with a unique custom called the Bera Anjali. Here all the family members go round and round Ma Durga reciting shlokas and mantras. The Bera Anjali is aslo a family custom of Kaliprasad Mukhopadhyay family only.

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