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Its been 36 years for the cricket revolution in India

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25th June 1983, is a date no Indian forgets specially the population who had not seen India get independence on their own, it was a night of triumph and victory and made every one of us feel like a World Champion.

For the first time in our lives, we came out in the road at night, shouting and celebrating our World Cup victory.

Cricket, which was sport till then, became a nationality for every Indian. Cricket is now followed like a religion in India, and its all due our achievements on 25th June 1983.

Cricket as a sport earns its maximum revenues, more than 50% from India itself, a big percentage of our huge population are making a living with direct or indirect connections with cricket. The sport is at times used as diplomacy for maintaining relations with neigbouring countries.

The sport is so popular in the Indian sub continent that five of the 12 test playing countries are from this area.

Cricket by virtue of its style of sport is a broadcaster’s delight, as it has available time to push maximum advertisement revenue compared to any sport. It exists in many form now, the traditional form is still maintained but shorter versions are gaining popularity around the world.

It all started on this date, 36 years before, and we all remember that joyous night. Thank You Kapil Dev and your team

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