Great show by India beating China in China

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The Indian shooters were expected to perform better in the 10 Metre shooting events compared to the longer distances. They did exceptionally well, with 07 shooters qualifying for the finals in all the four individual events. India won 03 Gold Medals out of 04 events today. No Indian shooter could qualify for the finals in the first two days, and in the 3rd day only, they had seven finalists. From not being on the medals tally, they are at top position now in just one day.

India won both the Gold Medals in the Women’s 10 metre events. Manu Bhaker took the Gold in the Air Pistol, and Valerivan Elavenil took the Gold in the Air Rifle Category. Yeshaswini Singh and Mehuli Ghosh also qualified for the finals in Air Pistol and Air Rifle respectively. Both of them finished sixth in the respective finals. India won the 3rd Gold in Men’s 10 Metre Rifle. Divyansh Singh won the Gold for them.

India will take a lot of confidence from this performance at the World Cup finals. https://www.sportysaikat.com/big-test-for-india-at-shooting-world-cup-finals-sportysaikat-com/. Since this event is only contested by the best shooters who have had consistent performance throughout the year, hence getting medals here has added significance. They came to the tournament with lots of hope and will be happy to finish at the top of the medals table.

Two Indian shooters also made the final in the Men’s 10 Metre Air Pistol Category, but they finished 5th and 6th respectively. Three Indian shooters also could not qualify for the finals today. 07 finalists out of 10 participants is good performance ahead of the Olympics. https://www.sportysaikat.com/good-test-event-for-olympic-shooting-medal-hopefuls-sportysaikat-com/. The mixed events are scheduled for tomorrow.

03 Golds on 3rd day

The first two days did not go well for India, as no Indian shooter could make the finals. The 3rd day, in which better performances were expected from India, has been the best day for them. India clinched 03 Gold Medals out the four Individual events that were played on the 3rd day. Below is a detail of India’s performance on the 3rd day.

  • Manu Bhaker- Gold Medal- 10 Metre Air Pistol- Women
  • Valerivan Elavenil- Gold Medal- 10 Metre Air Rifle- Women
  • Divyansh Singh Panwar- Gold Medal- 10 Metre Air Rifle-Men
  • Abhishek Verma-5th Position- 10 Metre Air Pistol-Men
  • Yeshaswini Singh- 6th Position- 10 Metre Air Pistol-Women
  • Mehuli Ghosh- 6th Position- 10 Metre Air Rifle-Women
  • Saurabh Chaudhary- 6th Position- 10 Metre Air Pistol-Men
  • Anjum Moudgil- 13th Position- 10 Metre Air Rifle- Women
  • Apurvi Chandela- 15th Position- 10 Metre Air Rifle- Women
  • Shahzar Rizvi- 12th Position- 10 Metre Air Pistol- men

In the qualification rounds, Abhishek Verma was the only Indian shooter who ranked in the top position. None of the Gold medalists could finish the qualification in the top position. The three events in which India could not get the pole position in the qualification rounds, all of them got them a Gold Medal each. The only event in which they had the pole position, they ended up without a medal.

Olympic Spot fights continue

The 10 Metre Air Rifle for Women saw four Indian shooters qualify for the World Cup Finals. Elavenil and Mehuli qualified for the finals, whereas Anjum and Apurvi could not. The Olympic quotas in this event has been won by Anjum and Apurvi in the World Championships last year. In the last 3 events, i.e the World Cup at Rio, Asian Championships, and World Cup Final here, Elavenil and Mehuli had finished ahead of both of them, in each of the events.

The fight between the four shooters is for the two Olympic spots for India in this category. Mehuli has been playing in MQS in the last four events, just to keep her Olympic dream going. Elavenil has won two gold out of the last 3 events for India. Both girls are giving a tough fight to Anjum and Apurvi for the trip to Tokyo.

India will have the added satisfaction of being ahead of China in the medals table, in an event played in China. The event is also a World Cup Final, where the best shooters of the World are participating.

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