Corona Virus closes the sporting world

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All sports all over the world has come to a standstill because of the Corona virus. There was an attempt to complete the scheduled matches in closed stadiums, but even that is slowly being discontinued. With so much high stakes are attached to every single sporting event, the cancellations are leading to financial losses to the tunes of billions of dollars. The movement of the players are restricted. Sports played by multiple countries like tennis have been suspended for six weeks. Football leagues all around the world are either cancelled or suspended. Body Contact sports are worst hit, as this virus spreads by touch.

The biggest sporting action in this World is Olympics. It is played on a 4 year cycle, and is played since 1896 and is the oldest multi national sporting event. Unfortunately the virus spread is happening in an Olympic year. It is happening at a time, when the final phases of Olympic qualification is underway in all the 28 sports. Shooting is by far the only sport, where more than 95% of the quota places are allotted. For other sports, the events of 2020 are part of Olympic qualification timelines.

Japan the host country has invested multi billions for organising the event. Television rights, Web Broadcast rights for the event are already sold, and over 4.5 million tickets for the event are sold too. Hotel Bookings, airline bookings are all in place. If the Olympics are cancelled due to the virus, the world can go into a financial recession, and it will take years to come out of it.

IPL in doubt

The biggest event of Indian Cricket season is the Indian Premier League. It is a franchise based T20 league spread over two months, which brings in foreign players also into India. The league is a big revenue earner for the Cricket Board, and also for India, due the earnings from Tax. Television rights are sold for the event in billions of dollars. All the stake holders were called by the organizers for a meeting to discuss the way out of the present crisis.

The IPL is so big in India now, that many people live and die with it. It is like the main crop of a harvest season. If the main crop fails, the farmer has to live one full year with no income. There is a section of the population in India, who annual survival is dependent on the two months of revenue which they earn during IPL. India has a huge population out of which 10 million is connected either directly or indirectly with the sport of cricket. For every earning member in India there are at least three people dependent on the individual. So a total of 40 million people survive only due to the sport of Cricket.

The spread of Corona Virus has already impacted the IPL. The start has already been deferred from 29th March to 15th April. There is an indication that a truncated IPL may be played this season. The organisers did a meeting with all the stake holders on the same. If the IPL gets cancelled due to the Virus spread, then the livilihood of 30 million human being for the whole of this year, will be at stake. And if the Olympics are shelved, nearly half of the world will be in serious crisis.

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